Why I’m passionate about teaching blog tech

You’ve started a new blog, and you’re so excited to finally get your message out into the world and start impacting people (and generating an income online!). You can’t wait to start writing blog posts and getting started. Then you realize that starting a blog isn’t just writing a bunch of posts and putting them up on the internet. 

You have to get your site looking the way you want and figure out how to add images to your post. Then there’s collecting email addresses and figuring out how in the world to get that little form you see on everyone else’s site onto your own site. 

If you’re averse to tech or just think you’re not tech savvy enough, then this part of blogging can be enough to stop you in your tracks. 

I’ve heard so many new bloggers with this exact sentiment. 

They just want to blog, but they get stuck in the tech and can’t move forward. 

This is why I feel passionate about teaching tech to bloggers. 

I don’t want anyone to stop pursuing their passion just because of some technical difficulties. 

Here is why I am passionate about teaching bloggers all about the tech behind their blogs: 


Everyone has the ability to learn tech

I’ve always believed that everyone has the ability to learn a complicated topic if they’re given the right teacher. If that teacher does a good job, she will instill confidence that you CAN do this, explain the material in a way that really helps you understand it, and takes the time to give extra guidance where needed. 

I think the same about learning tech. 

One thing I’ve heard a lot of bloggers say is that they can’t learn tech or that they aren’t very tech savvy. Almost like they are saying from the beginning that this is too complicated. 

While it’s true that tech can often feel like a bunch of gobbledygook, it doesn’t make it impossible to learn. 

The first step to learning tech is believing that you have the ability to learn it. You just need the right instruction to help you as you’re learning. 

This happened with one of my first clients. She approached me to create her website, which I was excited to do because I know this is a huge hurdle for so many new bloggers.  

At first I wanted to teach her about what I was doing so that she would be empowered and able to do it herself later. However, she said that tech was too hard and she would never remember it, so she just wanted me to do it and not teach it. 

When it was said and done, I convinced her that I would make a short tutorial to help her with some of the basics so she could at least have that to lean on. 

After watching the tutorials, she messaged me that she understood something that she didn’t think she could ever get, and she was so thrilled. She didn’t like feeling so “old” and this really helped. 

It was such a joy to hear that from her. My hope is that I can help more bloggers, like her, with the tech so they can also feel empowered by being able to learn it and do the tech themselves. 

Hiring out tech tasks can be an option rather than a requirement

This is of course a personal preference. While some bloggers want to hire someone to do tasks that they don’t enjoy, there are a lot of bloggers that either don’t have the budget to hire someone or really want to learn everything in their business so they can do it all themselves if needed. 

Even if you’re the person that wants to hire these things out, it really helps to have a basic understanding of the tech so you at least have the option to do it yourself if the budget is tight or you want it done quickly. 

Understanding the tech can also help you use your money for a better ROI. If you understand the basic tech tasks for your blog, then you can hire someone to do more complicated or money-driven tasks instead. 

While I technically offer these tech services myself, I know how important it is to empower new bloggers by teaching them how to manage the tech of their new blog. 

Final Thoughts

Learning the tech for a new blog is really important. I’m passionate about helping new bloggers with tech. I truly believe everyone has the ability to learn it, and it empowers you to be able to handle the tech yourself if needed. 

If you’re reading this, then you’re already one step in the right direction. You’re willing to learn and that’s all you need to get started. 


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